Your downtime is too valuable to be spent in the dirt. Call Ortiz Landscaping to manage your landscape for you. We offer comprehensive lawn care maintenance in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Once we've designed your yard, we'll come up with a maintenance plan for you. If we didn't create your landscape, we can still manage it for you. We'll do whatever it takes to keep your yard looking fabulous.

Call 704-685-0591 now to make an appointment for lawn fertilizing services in Gastonia, North Carolina.

We'll tailor our service to meet your needs

Ortiz Landscaping will customize your maintenance plan so your yard gets the attention it needs. Hire us to:

  • Cut your grass
  • Manage your flower beds
  • Spread mulch or fertilizer
  • Edge your yard
  • Trim your shrubs
  • Remove weeds

Enjoy a lush landscape without lifting a finger. Contact us today to schedule lawn fertilizing services in Gastonia, North Carolina.